Interactive Affairs

Interactive affairs comprises the design and development of communications for the Internet, CD/DVD, mobile telephones and digital signage (narrowcasting). Our forte is combining effective design with interaction, functionality and technology.

• Web design

The Internet is a mature and widely used communication and distribution medium that has become an essential part of our lives. Fab Labs provides a wide range of web solutions, including static websites, dynamic websites including a content management feature, web shops, animation and live video streaming.

• Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations allow those presenting to decide themselves what they would and would not like to show. Whether you’re looking for images to accompany a corporate presentation or need an electronic brochure for your product or company, our talented professionals will turn your presentation into a visual experience that your client is sure to remember for a long time.

• Digital Signage (Narrowcasting)

Digital signage is communication aimed at a specific target audience, with appropriate messages and the right timing playing a key role. In conjunction with its partners, Fab Labs provides comprehensive solutions for  in-store audiovisuele communications through digital screens. This may include advertising, infotainment, entertainment or other interactive concepts.