Graphic Affairs

Graphic affairs can involve anything from the design of a logo or a complete identity program to designing printed materials such as brochures, catalogues and leaflets.
In addition to online communications, print media continue to play a key role in providing information to customers.

• Logo design

The logo is the basis of a company or organization’s visual communications, communicating the company’s identity in a single glance. Fab Labs designs effective, easily recognizable, attractive logos that can be implemented across various media.

• Identity program

In designing a corporate identity, Fab Labs further extends the visual language of the company logo by incorporating it into business cards, company letterheads, envelopes, brochures, annual reports, advertising billboards, etc.

• Print & packaging

Fab Labs is your partner in the design of all types of printed materials. Whether you need a brochure, product catalogue, corporate brochure, promotional brochure, annual report or packaging, we will coordinate the entire process from the conceptual to the delivery stage.

Interactive Affairs

Interactive affairs comprises the design and development of communications for the Internet, CD/DVD, mobile telephones and digital signage (narrowcasting). Our forte is combining effective design with interaction, functionality and technology.

• Web design

The Internet is a mature and widely used communication and distribution medium that has become an essential part of our lives. Fab Labs provides a wide range of web solutions, including static websites, dynamic websites including a content management feature, web shops, animation and live video streaming.

• Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations allow those presenting to decide themselves what they would and would not like to show. Whether you’re looking for images to accompany a corporate presentation or need an electronic brochure for your product or company, our talented professionals will turn your presentation into a visual experience that your client is sure to remember for a long time.

• Digital Signage (Narrowcasting)

Digital signage is communication aimed at a specific target audience, with appropriate messages and the right timing playing a key role. In conjunction with its partners, Fab Labs provides comprehensive solutions for  in-store audiovisuele communications through digital screens. This may include advertising, infotainment, entertainment or other interactive concepts.

Audiovisual Affairs

Audiovisual affairs relates to the design, direction and production of anything involving moving images and sound. Examples include 2D or 3D animation, video streaming for your website, a professional corporate or product presentation on DVD, narrowcasting/broadcasting or film.  Fab Labs will provide you with the assistance you need to create a comprehensive and professional product.

• Motion design

You can convey a clearer and more dynamic message through the use of moving logos, text, photos and other visual materials. Fab Labs designs and creates 2D and 3D animations and special effects for your commercials, web banners, intros, bumpers, promos and product presentations/corporate presentations.

• Video- en television-production

Fab Labs is your partner in creating corporate video productions, true-to-life impressions, presentation videos and TV shows. “Whatever you need, we can make it” is too simplistic for us; we prefer to say: “Quality takes us to a higher level of creativity”. Through these words, we mean to highlight that your company and product will always be central in a creative process where only a high-quality, professional approach will help you achieve the best results.

• Digital Signage (Narrow-casting)

Based on our knowledge of and experience with screen communications, Fab Labs and its partners provide comprehensive solutions. We create an appropriate concept depending on our clients’ needs and ideas.